November 19, 2020 Announces the Best Flashlights of 2020

Check Out the Top Picks of the Year with Real Reviews and Recommendations

19th November 2020 – is pleased to announce the best flashlight list of 2020 with top picks featured here. A flashlight is one of the most important pieces of equipment that every outdoor enthusiast needs. Not just outdoors, but these flashlights also come in very handy during emergency situations at home. So, for those who want to understand a flashlight from the expert’s eye, this is the right place to be. The list includes the most popular picks of flashlights which have gained lots of attention on social media forums. Most of these flashlights are also tested by the team members here at 1Lumen.

The creator of has been studying flashlights for over 10 years now and keeps track of all the latest arrivals in the market. At the end of every year, polls are conducted on popular platforms such as Reddit/r/flashlights, Candlepowerforums, budgetlightforums, and many more. The reviews offered here are real and that which come after hours of hard work, testing, studying, comparing, and reviewing. The site currently features the best flashlight list of 2020 featuring top brands and the latest versions available this year. 

Best Flashlights List 2020
Best Flashlights List 2020

The list starts off with the most popular AA flashlight on Budgetlightforum – The Sofirn C01. This light made it to the top of the list because of its very high CRI LED. The reviewer compares this model with the old and popular Fenix E01 that has been used by several flashoholics. The next on the list is the Lumintop IYP365 which is considered to be an affordable penlight. For those who are looking for a budget-friendly portable option, this is the best choice available at $20. The third-best in the best flashlight list of 2020 is the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 which has gained attention due to the superb grip that it offers. 

This site is strictly for those who love their flashlights. With the camping season going in full swing, campers will be looking for the best flashlights to carry for their hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping trips. Customers can now make an informed decision by choosing the best flashlight that suits their trip or needs. Every year, the team here conducts a survey on the most popular flashlight forums. They make a list of best flashlights of the year and once the members agree, the list is created and posted on this website. 

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About was started by a flashlight enthusiast and a collector. The website was built over the past 2 years and the site has successfully posted reviews of more than 140 flashlights. Together with a team of 5 other enthusiasts, the owner of the website conducts extensive reviews; spends around 3 to 5 hours just writing the reviews, testing and collecting pictures; and not to forget the runtime tests. Altogether, it takes 20 hours per flashlight to conduct a detailed review and gather information. 




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