March 26

Apollo Screen & Shade Introduces the First Motorized Door Screen, “Athena”

Perfect for modern homes and remodels of large doorways, Athena can span 20 feet wide.

Apollo Screen & Shade, the leader in premier screen and shade solutions in North America, is pleased to introduce “Athena,” the first motorized door screen with a patent pending. The trend for a few years in North American Home Building and new construction has been the inclusion of oversized doorways, such as bifold doors, stacking doors, and others often from 10 feet to 20 feet wide. Currently, only manual screen options are available for these large doors, and are limited to bug screens as the fabric.

In addition to being motorized, Athena offers a bug screen, but can also offer a solar mesh and can span up to 20 feet wide. These motorized door screens are perfect for modern home constructions and remodeling larger doorways.

Apollo Screen & Shade is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premier screen and shade solutions in North America.
Apollo Screen & Shade

Athena is a breakthrough innovation in large-format door screens. The patent-pending Athena motorized door screen and shade system is specifically designed for large doorways. With Athena, users can change their indoor and outdoor spaces with just a push of a button. It is elegant enough to add beauty and functionality to the space and strong enough to resist wear and tear. Homeowners can now use their doors as they please, opening and closing them without walking up to them.

The Athena motorized door screen stands true to its name. But what sets it apart is its customization options, offering users the freedom to tailor their screen to their preferences, whether a bug screen, solar mesh, or a near blackout material that promises ample privacy. First of its kind, the motorized side-to-side screen promises superior durability. It is stronger than any retractable screen door currently available in the market. The expert technicians at Apollo Screen & Shade are readily available to provide ideas on using these motorized screens to make the most of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The motorized door screens by Apollo Screen & Shade are pet-proof. The zipper-locked mesh is strong enough to withstand pets kicking or pushing without damage. The screens are made of polyester and not traditional fiberglass mesh. Sonic welds are used to reinforce the edges. That is why they are perfect for creating barriers and setting limits for pets both indoors and outdoors.

With Athena, homeowners can elevate their space instantly. The screens will be custom-cut and installed wherever needed. Apollo Screen and Shade technicians are expertly trained and knowledgeable to answer any questions that the customers might have. They also provide the best solutions for the space, along with expert installation of the screens and shades.

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Apollo Screen & Shade is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premier screen and shade solutions in North America. The highly trained and skilled local technicians are responsible for selling top-quality products, installing them, and providing after-sales service. The company is committed to offering the highest-quality retractable screen and shade system in manual and motorized versions.



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