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Assist Marketing Shares Valuable Insight Into Post Pandemic Staffing Agency Trends

Assist Marketing has put together some valuable insight into future post-pandemic trends for the staffing agencies industry. The company has noted that many event staffing agencies are poised to grow.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many industries like hospitality, entertainment, and tourism, and many event staffing companies particularly hard. However, data gleaned from various sources and put together by Assist Marketing suggest that the worst may be in the past. Most staffing agencies can expect to see business improve come 2022, that’s when some restrictions will be lifted and businesses are hoping to return close to ‘business as usual.”

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However, all nationwide event staffing agencies will have to stay tough through the next few months of 2021. While things have improved considerably over the past five months, there is still much room for improvement, especially lifting mask mandates and increasing quotas for the number of people who can be present at an office or venue. Also, trade show staffing will hopefully see a revitalization of business once trade shows and events start opening up as they did before the pandemic. While it can be hard to say how much time it may take for sure, businesses that have the resources to hang on will need to be poised to meet demand.

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Experts strongly believe that in the US, full economic recovery may take as many as four years. However, many of the hardest-hit industries will start recovering sooner than later, which is good news, especially for those in the event staffing industry. The increasing number of events will almost guarantee that there is more than enough work.

“It has been some of the toughest few months we’ve ever had to ensure. However, we strongly believe that the hardest part of this pandemic is over. If anything, it can only go uphill from here, and the figures from many industries show that. That said, businesses in some industries may have to wait longer than others. Also, smaller, more vulnerable businesses may have already shuttered, unfortunately. That means whoever is left will need to step up to meet demand.” Said an expert working at Assist Marketing.

She added, “Assist Marketing knows that economic recovery and thus, business recovery, is around the corner. However, we hope that it is sooner than later. That said, there is already a roster of trade shows and other major events planned for 2022, which gives us hope that there will be growing demand in this industry. If anything, it is worth maintaining an optimistic outlook, and we think that the figures and opinion of many experts are helping us do just that.”

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