March 13, 2023

Avenue Heating Offers Valuable Tips To Save On Water Bills

Renowned Boiler Installation company helps people make savings of £100s

Avenue Heating, the top Boiler Installation company, has given people a shot in the arm by offering them crucial tips on saving £100s on water bills without making significant compromises.

It’s no secret that energy bills have grown exponentially for millions of households. They are taking a severe toll on people’s monthly budgets, especially when looking to make savings. The government’s energy price guarantee means an average household pays £2,500 on gas and electricity. That amount will likely go up to £3,000 by April next year, which is an additional burden.

Avenue Heating - boiler installation
Avenue Heating

But according to Winston Davis, plumber and founder of Avenue Heating, it is possible to save significant amounts on water bills. The Boiler Replacement and installation company he runs has made its mark on customers with its top-quality solutions that have consistently exceeded their expectations. The glowing customer reviews the company has received are a testament to the best-personalized services it offers them.

As the energy bills mounted, Winston Davis was sought by The Sun to help people make substantial savings. He offers five crucial tips that can make a difference to the energy bills people have to deal with. According to the founder of the renowned Boiler Installation company, the first step is the check the thermostat. “Your hot water only needs to be around 55 degrees Celsius,” he says.

Winston also points out that many homes have turned up to 70 degrees. So, dialing down the thermostat can make a difference to energy bills. He then offers practical advice about spending less time in the shower, as tempting as it might be. By saving water, people are doing the right thing for the planet. It also means there are fewer chances of water leaks, and thus people save money on repairs.

The founder of the highly-regarded Boiler Replacement and maintenance company highlights the importance of dishwashers. According to him, it might seem counterintuitive, but people can ensure its efficiency by filling it to the brim. “We often are called out to people who have had large water bills, only to find that their money was going down the drain,” he mentions as he urges people to check for leaks.

Finally, Winston mentions that hard water running through pipes leads to limescale and blockages. That’s why; using a water softener is a smart idea to reduce the risk of build-ups. According to Winston, they are a good investment in the long run.

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