June 08, 2023

BauTeam Updates Catalog with Modern Kitchen Cabinet Themes

BauTeam specializes in designer kitchen cabinets, vanities, countertops and closets.

BauTeam has updated its product catalog with modern kitchen cabinet themes. The company is known for designing glamorous kitchens surpassing popular design trends. Their cabinets are made with precision and expert craftsmanship and are designed to make a difference in everyday cooking and enhance overall functionality with clever storage and easy accessibility. The BauTeam catalog showcases Purista – The Handleless Kitchen. This design is available in three variants, CP, CP One, and CP 35°. The cabinets are completely free of handles.

BauTeam is a company that specializes in designer kitchen cabinets, vanities, and closets in Dallas, TX
BauTeam - Dallas, TX

The insert systems used in the cabinets are niche to BauTeam. These systems are designed to help people work in kitchens faster and quicker. This is where design meets function. The practical inserts help people get everything in hand instantly. The convenient shelving allows people to sort their bowls, knives, spoons, spices, and everything else. Having things in designated spaces will provide faster access, thus promoting efficient preparation and cooking. The company has also introduced a fingerprint-proof material, which can be used on custom kitchen cabinets. This nanotechnological material has revolutionized the design industry. The new finish is resistant to heat, scratches, mold, and water, making it a perfect surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

What makes this material unique is that the heat produced in the kitchen helps repair superficial micro-scratches. All this speaks of the features of a luxury kitchen. BauTeam’s C Collection needs a special mention. This new ceramic surface can be used in custom kitchen cabinets and is easy to maintain. A full-body ceramic piece is applied to a particle board. The board is CARB 2 compliant, and the aluminum backing offers extra support and stability.

Perfect for German kitchens and other European-style kitchens, ceramic-based cabinets are super stylish and perfect for spaces exposed to maximum daylight. These and many other styles are currently used in designer kitchen cabinets, all developed by BauTeam and made in Germany under strict quality standards. All the components are sourced from some of the finest suppliers in Europe. The products are furnished with sophisticated accessories. BauTeam calls it technical elegance and meticulously crafted details. For those who want a luxury kitchen, look no further, as this company has designs in some of the most beautiful finishes, such as mirrors, marble, bronzed glass, wood veneers, and much more.

To learn more, visit https://www.bauteamdallas.com/kitchen/bauteam-kitchen/.

About BauTeam

BauTeam is a company that specializes in designer kitchen cabinets, vanities, and closets in Dallas, TX. All the design and production are done in BauTeam’s in-house factory, with a manufacturing capacity of more than 1,000 kitchens daily. The company invests a great deal of time and resources in state-of-the-art production plants and efficient production techniques, all conducted per environmental standards and minimum wastage.


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