December 06, 2023

Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage in Benicia Extends Grand Opening Discount on All Services

Its Benicia massage therapists take clients through a personalized healing journey with bespoke services.

Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage opened its wellness center in Benicia, CA, in September 2023. It is pleased to extend a grand opening discount on all services. Clients can now save as much as $30 on Chetawan’s specialty massage services. The rates for standard massage start at $80 for 30 minutes, $115 for 90 minutes, and $150 for two hours. The promo rates are $70, $100, and $130 for 30, 90, and 120 minutes, respectively. For those looking to rejuvenate themselves right before the holidays and searching for a therapeutic massage in Benicia, CA, this wellness center is the place for you.

Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage is a center offering professional massage services in Benicia, CA.
Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage

The grand opening discount ends on December 31st, 2023, with online bookings now open for those who wish to book their appointments through the website. The center also offers couples massages, and customers can call the office directly to schedule a session with some of the best Benicia massage therapists. Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage Center is nothing short of a sanctuary that helps people recharge and reenergize. Whether athletes looking for muscle recovery and rehab or everyday professionals who want to get relief from daily stress, this center offers bespoke therapy massage in Benicia, CA, tailored to their unique needs.

Its Benicia massage therapists bring ancient techniques to life to soothe muscle tension and amplify positive energy. As rightly put by the center, in a world that never slows down, Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage is a sanctuary of tranquillity and healing. Its therapists combine the ancient art of Thai massage while incorporating the precision of Western techniques, all of which aid in creating a rejuvenating experience for clients. Aside from their exceptional skills, what makes them truly commendable is their attention to detail. They are dedicated partners in clients’ wellness journeys by providing bespoke therapies. They are trained at the prestigious Wat Po School of Massage in Thailand.

The center is a serene oasis dedicated to boosting its customer’s mental tranquillity and physical vitality. From the front desk staff to the therapists, everyone at this wellness center exhibits immense care and kindness for their clients. They not only help alleviate the clients’ physical anxieties but also make sure that their clients feel pampered throughout the session. Click on the link below for online bookings. All massage prices are reduced as part of the grand opening promotion and will return to the original on Jan 1st, 2024.

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About Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage

Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage is a center offering professional massage services in Benicia, CA. Its tailored sessions aim to help clients experience improved wellness, relaxation, and pain relief. Its wide range of services includes aroma massage, deep tissue massage, office syndrome massage, therapeutic massage, traditional massage, wellness massage, and combo massage therapies.



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Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage


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