January 04

Chicago Basketball Tournament Network CYBN Announces Opening Registration for Playmakers Winter League

CYBN announced earlier this week that registration for the Playmakers Winter League was now open. It is an excellent opportunity for teams from across the city to register to play in the league.

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) has announced registration for the Playmakers Winter League, formerly called WSYL. During the Playmakers Winter League, teams will play two games at any weekend as part of the series. The CYBN has said that the games will be exciting and quick, in a format that everyone loves to watch and play. Furthermore, the league will also include the "Championship Weekend'' for every session. The Playmakers Winter League happens to be the biggest and perhaps the best of CYBN's league games, with over 200 teams joining.

Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network
Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network

The league schedule is also on the cards for the winter season, which helps ensure that the same teams don't play at each game, and there are MVPs at each game, including an All-Star Night happening later in March. The game schedules are flexible, so dates can be chosen and added later on. However, teams aspiring to participate are mandated to sign up early so that they get an opportunity to participate.

Readers can learn more about registering for the Chicago Youth Basketball Network's Playmakers Winter League by visiting the network's official website at https://cybntournaments.com.

"The Playmakers Winter League is one of the most exciting events of the year. The league brings together teams from across Chicago, from just about every school, with the best-going head to head over the weekend. Every weekend throughout the winter is packed with lots of action, with both boys' and girls' teams playing some of the most exciting games. Teams compete to win and pull out all the stops to be #1. In addition, scouts and coaches in attendance pay close attention to finding gems that can go on to play for college teams. That's why this is the best time for youngsters to sign up and play, mainly because they have the opportunity of getting spotted." Said one of the executives at the Chicago Youth Basketball Network.

He added, "Youth basketball is now one of the most popular sports in the city. Over the years, events like these have brought youth teams out of obscurity, with a growing audience now in attendance and watching online. Our goal at CYBN is to make sure that more teams get the opportunity to play, with talented players allowing the opportunity to enhance their careers. In fact, many youngsters have gone on to play for college teams, who would have otherwise never have been found. In a way, this leveled playing field gives everyone an excellent opportunity to grow in the sport they love."

Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of Chicago's most recognized and active youth basketball organizations.

About Chicago Youth Basketball Network

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of Chicago's most recognized and active youth basketball organizations. At present, they serve over 5000 teams, and the number of registrations is growing each year. The organization helps many schools and other organizations save up to $250,000 annually. However, the uptick in the number of teams registering and those that are poised to register will have a positive effect on the sport in general. Although the Chicago Youth Basketball Network isn't a tournament broker and does not invest capital in any basketball team, they provide the school districts and municipalities the opportunity to rent courts at a discounted price. The CYBN and its growing partner network own several gyms in Chicago. The fees are 25% of what they usually are with the same facilities. That means organizations save money and keep the gyms filled; a win-win for everyone.



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