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Featured Categories: Cruise Adventures, Travel the World, Travel Essentials and Europe is the newest travel blog site on the block created by an avid traveler for travelers. For all those who feel travel is the best therapy one can have, then this is where it all begins. Every person has a personal goal behind visiting a particular place. Whatever the goal might be, they do not come back empty handed. They make a lot of memories and bring a part of that place along with them. The world is full of exotic places that one must see, if not all at least a few. It is a common misconception that traveling to other countries can be expensive but that is not entirely true. The secret to a successful trip is to plan each and every aspect of the visit starting from the commute to exploring the place, lodging to dining, and returning.

These and many more interesting topics are covered here. The post how to save money in Dubai as a tourist gives readers detailed tips on how to save while touring one of the most amazing destinations in the world. Dubai is a luxurious city and everything is extravagant here including the infrastructure, malls, recreational facilities, and hotels. So, how can one save money and still enjoy what this exquisite city can offer? Check out this blog and find out how. These tips pretty much work for any other city in the world. The post also features the things that can be done for free in Dubai.

There is an exclusive category that features stories about Europe. The first story is about the 10 Great Stops on a UK road trip. Those planning on road trips will find this post useful as it covers the top ten destinations to cover which include London, York, Bath, Oxford, Hook Norton Brewery, Blenheim Palace, Edinburg, Cambridge, Hadrian’s Wall, and the legendary city of Loch Ness. This itinerary is great for both local travelers as well as international travelers. They can get a whiff of what the UK is made up of and what it has in store for its visitors.

One of the most underrated topic when it comes to travels is Travel Essentials. People usually make a lot of mistakes when it comes to their luggage. They either carry too much or forget the basics. This special category about travel essentials will throw some light on things that travelers should do every time they travel. And those who are planning on a campervan trip, there is a post which talks about 8 essentials to knowing before hiring a VW campervan. Most of the posts written here are nothing but real experiences of Malcolm during his travels with his wife and family.

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Malcolm McCaster is a former history teacher from England and an avid traveler. Cotswold A on B was started to help fellow tourists and travelers prepare for their travels and explore the most exotic destinations around the world.



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