March 28

CRFYI Launches The Free Freelance Rate Calculator

The trusted platform helps freelancers determine how much they can make in a year

CRFYI, the trusted platform, has launched its free Freelance Rate Calculator. This tool gives freelancers a boost, as they can now figure out how much they can make in a year with their given hourly rates and other time parameters.

CRFYI came into being to build more transparency in the professional market for freelancers and contract workers. Many freelancers will agree that they have had their spirits dampened knowing that they are paid well below their market rates. On the other hand, losing out on contracts because of higher Freelance Hourly Rates is no fun either.

ContractRatesFYI was established to help contract workers and freelancers set their hourly rates confidently and without hesitation. The platform is gaining popularity quickly by crowdsourcing data for freelancers, consultants, and other self-identified contractual workers. “You can submit your rates and view others without paying any fees,” says a representative for the platform.

Not only is CRFYI completely free but it is also focused on freelancers’ privacy. Hence one has the option of remaining completely anonymous on the platform. For example, candidates can simply enter their Video Editor Hourly Rates and view others’ without divulging any personal information on the platform. It is truly that simple, seamless, and completely secure for freelancers and contract workers, who want to access data for free.

It is interesting to note that CRFYI has also made an effort to ascertain the quality of the data. “Every single rate submission goes through a review process before making it to our database. The review includes submission against historical rates,” says a member of the small and dedicated team. Thus, the review identifies any anomalous data and also ensures its overall quality for freelancers.

Those looking for the current Web Developer Hourly Rate will find the information they need at their fingertips. In fact, several submissions on CRFYI are connected to tech roles and profiles. From WordPress Developer Hourly Rate to rates for animators, accountants, blockchain developers, data architects, lawyers, and CyberSecurity Consultants, there is a wide range of high-quality data available on the platform.

CRFYI assures freelancers that they will never accept payment to manipulate contract rate data. The platform has been created to answer important questions for freelancers – how much should they charge for a project? In addition, the platform has a freelance job board, where recruiters and agencies post their jobs. Thus it has also brought new opportunities to freelancers and contractual workers.

Now, it has launched the rate calculator for freelancers, a free tool they can use to determine their annual earnings based on a given hourly rate and other time parameters.

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Established to help contract workers and freelancers understand their worth, the platform offers them free access to valuable data to make the right decisions in the competitive professional world.


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