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Dr. Patricia Delzell, M.D, Featured in the September Edition of Women’s Journal Magazine

The leading musculoskeletal medicine expert discusses her approach to pain management and treatment in the September edition of Women’s Journal.

Dr. Patricia Delzell refers to herself as an integrative pain physician. She approaches pain from both the traditional standpoint as well as from a complementary medicine standpoint. According to the article published in Women’s Journal magazine, the advantage of this approach is to ensure an environment “optimal for healing.” The chronic pain physician uses the traditional medical model to extract the required medical history and perform a thorough physical exam, so the average office visit is fairly lengthy. In some cases, patients can expect to spend up to three hours across two consult visits. However, Dr. Delzell sees it as being time well spent because it gives her the understanding needed to treat the issue.

It is estimated that over 50 million adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain ends up costing $80 billion in lost wages for those who are unable to work because of varying intensity of pain. A new study suggests that chronic pain affects around 20% of Americans on average at any given time. However, using Advanced MMC, it is possible to treat a wide spectrum of pain types, and professionals like Dr. Delzell have successfully helped scores of clients over the years.

Dr. Delzell mentions that the initial visit is a telehealth visit, after which a summary of the discussion is reviewed, which helps develop a treatment plan. Professionals also rely on ultrasound to help evaluate points of concern and to assess the surrounding soft tissue to ensure proper biomechanics. At times the area of pain can be secondary to the actual area where the patient may complain of pain. In other words, people complaining of a painful hip may often do so because of muscle strain, but muscle strain can be brought on by other muscles or an imbalance of the back.

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“As a chronic pain physician with years of helping people manage pain, I can say that the earlier you seek treatment, the better. Treatment early on can mean that you feel better sooner, and often diagnosing the issue might take as long too. However, all cases are different; that’s why the only way we can go ahead with any type of treatment is to start with a complete examination.” Said Dr. Patricia Delzell.

She added, “ You don’t have to learn to live with pain like some people end up assuming. Musculoskeletal pain can vary in intensity, like any other form of pain. However, that does not mean that you need to live with it. Thanks to the latest technology and research, we are now able to address pain much more effectively than before. I look at those kinetic chains to ensure adequate muscle function and looking at the fascia that can be scarred, restricting motion as part of my examination.”

About Dr. Patricia Delzell, M.D

Dr. Patricia Delzell, M.D, is a specialist in musculoskeletal ultrasound. She’s also fellowship trained in integrative medicine and cross-section imagining. As a board-certified musculoskeletal radiologist, she has years of experience with integrative treatment of mainly chronic pain. Dr. Delzell has received extensive training, but in addition to that and her professional experience, she’s been practicing medicine since 1993. She was also the director of the musculoskeletal ultrasound at the Cleveland Clinic from 2009-2019.



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