August 31

Even Mix™ Announces the Launch of the Innovative Digital Geared Drive

The newly launched Digital Geared Drive widens the gap to the market by adding dust and water-resistance as well as a digital readout all while retaining the lowest weight offered.

Even Mix™ unveiled what many in the industry believe is a revolution. The Digital Geared Drive has over the years been perfected behind the scenes by some of the leading minds in the industry. The new mixing drive now fits the needs of just about every customer. It weighs less and is portable. At just 12 pounds, the drum mixing and IBC mixing drive is still highly efficient, thanks to the use of the company’s patented 3D mixing blades with a variable pitch. Furthermore, the Digital Geared Drive is also more energy-efficient, consuming just 4 amps at max output and 120 volts.

The company’s Digital Drive is also water and dust resistant and will be rated IP 55. Even MixTM has also introduced a new digital display that allows users to control the mix with ease and much more accuracy. Even MixTM was quoted as saying that “No mixer on the market performs quite like the Even MixTM Digital Geared Drive. We have the only patented blades that deliver unmatched 3D mixing, a dust, and water-resistant drive, and the lowest weight mixer available. ”

Even Mix™ Even Mix Electric Digital Drive
Even Mix™ Even Mix Electric Digital Drive

Even Mix™ had said that the development of the digital drive began after the company began noticing a couple of drawbacks associated with many mixers available on the market. For the most part, the IBC mixers and Drum Mixers were notorious for consuming a lot of energy, were very heavy, and the mixing performance was sub-par. However, there were other issues the company’s engineers set out to address, the most significant ones, as noted earlier.

“We have worked extensively to solve these problems by developing innovative technology and adhering to our core values. Our extensive testing has allowed us to manufacture the perfect drive with the most efficient mixing capabilities. Every feature of the Electric Digital Geared Drive has been developed with a purpose. We strive to make sure that everything we do here at Even MixTM has a customer benefit at its core.” Said Phil Rankin, President of Even Mix

Readers can find out more about Even Mix™ Electric Digital Drive by visiting the company’s official website

Rankin added, “Our mission has always been to make it as easy as possible for our customers to mix their solutions. The Digital Drive is powerful yet easy to use with a 150:1 gear reduction and 135 RPM. No need for a forklift, you’ll only need one person to complete the job. We designed our Mixed Flow Blades to ensure there is an even distribution of materials throughout the mixture. The blades fold inward to fit through the opening of the mixing container and expand outward once mixing begins. The variable pitch of the blades stands out in comparison to any other mixing blade. Thanks to our NASA engineer, these blades are strong and efficient. They pump the mixture in multiple directions, creating what we call a 3D mix.”

The drive’s design is simple but highly reliable. The speed can be varied from level 1 through to 20, offering more control than ever before. The speed is easy to adjust using the mixer's ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.

About Even Mix™

Even Mix company is perhaps best known for using aerospace engineering to design and build pump technology and variable pitch blades, bringing forth true mixing technology in drums. The innovative mixing blades do away with the need for a pin when installing and using the blades at the bottom. That way, owners can even use linear and plastic drums alike.


Even Mix was founded in 2012. They offer Special Metal Prototyping and Stamping in the same building, boasting full metal capabilities of cutting, bending, welding, machining, and painting various metals. Even Mix is no stranger to innovation and success, and the Electric Drive is simply another example of their ingenuity. Since 2012, the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program Alumni has grown by 100% annually and won prestigious awards, including the Weatherhead 100 Winner for Growth in Cleveland.


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