June 11

Expert Empires Celebrate 7 Years Of Creating Client Success

Helping consultants, speakers, and other experts see phenomenal Business Growth

Expert Empires are celebrating 7 years of creating client success as they help consultants, speakers, trainers, business coaching authors, and experts achieve outstanding Business Growth.

Expert Empires founder Nick James started out in the business world in 2009. Since then he has built four separate seven-figure businesses that delved into the expert space. He then decided to offer the insights and firsthand knowledge he gained with other experts and professionals, who are committed to building six and seven-figure businesses while achieving their career dreams.

Business Coaches and consultants have a huge role to play in the corporate world. They have years of experience and expertise behind them. Unfortunately, not many get paid fairly for what they truly deserve. Expert Empires have created a scorecard, which measures their current performance through four key result elements – promotion, packaging, pitching, and planning.

By answering 24 simple questions, experts can receive a report within two minutes. The report highlights the areas of improvement and exploring possibilities for deserved growth.

Expert Empires

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Business Consultants, coaches, and authors can view a tailor-made training video that guides them to ways in which they can raise their game. Expert Empires have carefully designed programs that suit individual clients’ needs.

3 Phases Of Growing An Expert Empire is a tried and tested blueprint that is based on the experiences of the founder. It has already helped thousands of experts around the world achieve their six and seven-figure goals for businesses. The carefully planned and meticulously tested program works in three different stages that offer the cutting edge advantage to expert coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers.

In the first phase of the program, experts who have just started out will find ways to take their business to the 50K range, which is the first goal. Interestingly, the program suggests that what gets people to their first goal might actually stop them from achieving six-figure businesses. That’s where the second stage of the program comes into play, helping clients achieve that six-figure mark.

Once they have made to 200K per year, they can take the next step to accelerate their Business Growth. This third phase of the programme helps them achieve seven-figure businesses. Overall, it’s all about scalability, team, culture, sales system, processes, and strategies that can send expert businesses soaring to the skies.

Selling your expertise is a trick, and Expert Empires have well and truly mastered it!

Through its cutting-edge training, events, and mastermind programs it helps experts generate more

qualified leads, close sales, get more exposure, and stand out in the competitive industry. Expert Empires have been successfully doing this for 7 years by creating multiple success stories of its clients.

About Expert Empires

Expert Empires, drawing from the experiences of founder Nick James, who built four separate seven-figure businesses in expert space, the company has helped thousands around the world with its proven blueprint program.


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