March 11

Healing Collective Therapy Brings Top-Notch Couples Therapy Retreats to LA

It helps couples experience more meaning and connection in their lives.

The Healing Collective Therapy Group, a leader in couples therapy based in Los Angeles, marks its second anniversary with the launch of a groundbreaking Couples Intensives therapy program. This new offering shows its commitment to advancing the field of relationship therapy and providing state-of-the-art services.

Research shows that many couples think about going to therapy early in their relationships. About one-third of them talk about it within the first three years, and many consider it before living together or getting married. To help couples in LA and surrounding areas, Healing Collective Therapy Group has created a safe space with its couples retreats to give them a chance to work on their relationship and make their life together smoother and more fulfilling.

The Healing Collective Therapy Group is a leading therapy center in Los Angeles, California, specializing in couples therapy and relationship enhancement.
Healing Collective Therapy

Building on two years of empowering couples to build stronger connections, the Healing Collective Therapy Group introduces Couples Intensives, an immersive, personalized therapy option that stands apart from its traditional couples therapy sessions. The program provides couples with a unique opportunity to address and overcome their relationship challenges in a focused setting.

Owner Tina Marie attributes the high demand for their services to the diverse expertise within her team. “"It has been an incredible journey," says owner and head therapist Tina Marie del Rosario.”My team works hard to ensure we provide clients with the best therapeutic experience possible. I am proud of our team, as we place a high value on the therapeutic relationship and want to make sure our clients feel safe, comfortable, and connected.”” she stated. Tina also highlighted Maddie Hundley, a sought-after couple retreat facilitator based in West Hollywood, for her exceptional role in its couples therapy programs.

Healing Collective Therapy Group Couples Intensives is different from standard therapy by offering intensive sessions over a weekend or an entire week. This helps couples improve quickly because they can focus more on their issues. The program emphasizes building communication skills, which are important for a stronger and healthier relationship.

Another benefit of Couples Intensives is a tailored, in-depth exploration of a couple’s dynamics facilitated by seasoned, licensed therapists. Every Couple Intensive is customized to ensure it is as unique and effective as the relationships it seeks to mend.

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About Healing Collective Therapy

The Healing Collective Therapy Group is a leading therapy center in Los Angeles, California, specializing in couples therapy and relationship enhancement. With a team of experienced and compassionate therapists, the group is committed to helping couples build stronger connections and achieve lasting happiness. It uses evidence-based techniques, including psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, relational therapy, emotionally focused therapy (EFT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).


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