September 17

Hospital Curtain Producer Lorton Group Expands Antimicrobial Shower Curtain Fabric Selection

Lorton Group has announced the addition of new shower curtain fabric designs to its collection. The new designs are available in both polyester and vinyl fabrics.

Lorton Group, the leading manufacturer and supplier of shower and cubicle curtains, has expanded its shower curtain fabric line. The new extensive fabric design collection includes both polyester and vinyl fabric shower curtains. The company decided to expand the shower curtain fabric selection to provide its customers with a more expansive selection of design and color options to match their bathroom.

Lorton Group Hospital Curtains
Lorton Group Hospital Curtains

Both polyester fabric and vinyl shower curtains now feature fresh patterns and hues. The polyester fabric shower curtain designs include more subdued and elegant options to blend in with a lighter-colored wash area setup. The colors range from earthy browns and greys to elegant light blue and pure snow white. On the other hand, the color selection in vinyl shower curtains includes bolder colors apart from the usual earthy tones of the polyester line. Customers can choose black, seagrass green, mauve, pewter, mint, or warm seafoam bluish green shower curtain color in the vinyl material. These beautifully shaded and patterned shower curtains have the capacity to become the highlight of their surroundings.

All the fabrics used to produce Lorton Group shower curtains are washable and fluorine-free water repellent. The curtains also have an antimicrobial finish to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Every fabric design has passed the NFPA 701 Small Scale Fire Retardant Test as well as the CAN/ULC-S109 Flame Resistance Test.

Lorton Group also provides installation hardware and accessories to complement the functionality of these high-quality shower curtains. These include PVRC flat curtain tracks, straight round shower rods, curved round shower rods, PVRC wall mounts, hooks with beads and without beads, shower rings, and laundry cycle alert stickers.

The Lorton Group is known in the industry for delivering high-quilted shower curtain systems that meet national safety standards without compromising the aesthetics or durability of the final products. Readers will find the new selection of shower curtain fabrics by visiting the Lorton Group’s website at

Company Spokesperson Bob Blanford announced the expansion of the shower curtain fabric line while highlighting the importance of high-quality shower curtains in healthcare establishments and long-term care centers. "Shower curtains are an essential part of every hygienic bathroom setup, a requirement of every healthcare center. These are primarily used to protect a patient's privacy while using a shower unit and help maintain certain sanitary standards. These are not your average thin dangling plastic pieces.”

He added, “The Lorton Group’s shower curtains are made of a special material that prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading throughout the facility. We took special care in expanding our shower curtain line. With a wider selection of fabric designs and colors, we hope to give our customers more options to find the fabric that best satisfies their bathroom's aesthetic and hygiene needs. Our customers can now benefit from NFPA and CAN/ULC certified shower curtains while maintaining a consistent aesthetic setup."

About Lorton Group

Lorton Group was established in 2010. The company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of textile products like traditional hospital cubicle curtains, shower curtains, as well as patient-lift curtain systems, and non-ceiling mounted cubicle curtain systems. The brand also provides services and goods to public and private hospitals, military-operated facilities, VA hospitals, nursing homes, university campuses, and medical offices, as well as to other contractors and distributors.


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