August 16

I-Forever Welcomes Colonel Andrew Szmerekovsky to Its Board

I-Forever is excited to announce that retired Airforce Colonel Andrew Szmerekovsky has joined its board.

I-Forever is excited to announce that retired Airforce Colonel Andrew Szmerekovsky has joined its board. His twenty years of experience as an aerospace engineer with a carrier in the Airforce makes him the perfect member of a board focused on expanding the human experience into space.

The I-Forever mission of taking 100 million DNA samples and stories into space has excited his and others’ space exploration interest. Most important to them is the company’s mission to include those that would not normally be able to take part in a space program. For each paying member, an additional person will be selected to join the space journey at no cost.


Ken Fanger, the creative founder of I-Forever, states, “We wanted to create a community that is focused on all of us getting to space. It is so important to engage people that would not normally be part of these programs. It has to be more than just rich people that get to enjoy space, we need to encourage everyone to be a part of the human space experience.”

Colonel Szmerekovsky says, “I am excited to be a part of this program. I like that it encourages kids to be involved in STEM and it could engage so many people.”

The I-Forever vision is to have a space capsule that will be sent out of Earth’s orbit. They are doing this to protect against polluting the orbital space around the Earth and not adding to the “space junk” floating around our planet or litter the moon.

To learn more about I-Forever’s mission or how you can join the movement, go to or email [email protected].

About I-Forever: I-Forever, a project of the IT and cybersecurity company On Technology Partners, was created with the goal of sending 100 million human DNA samples and stories into space to be preserved for eternity. The company has a focus on inclusiveness and is currently in the process of engaging participants.

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