April 28, 2022

Image SEO King, Craig Campbell Shares How to Get Results With Images on Search Engines

Craig Campbell, Glasgow SEO expert, shares how to rank images on search engines and take the throne to become the Image SEO King.

Craig Campbell, Glasgow SEO expert, shares how to rank images on search engines and take the throne to become the Image SEO King.

How to rank an image on search platforms

First off in going to go after a term like ” Image SEO King ” which gets little to no search volume, it's necessary to fill out the title, alt text, change the file name, fill out any exif data. Executing a google search and using a chrome extension like SEO meta in one click to see what the competition is doing with their images. It's surprising to see how many people are not optimizing these images that well.

Image SEO King, Craig Campbell can rank images using only onpage meta
Craig Campbell - Image SEO King

Does the size of the image matter for Image SEO?

Make certain that the images are optimized in every way possible, some people will say larger images will be picked up by Google discover, so it depends on what the objective is. If it's a 3000kb image, and all the others are 70kb and have been compressed then the target image will lag behind. Again look at the image sizes of what’s currently ranking, rather than statements and figures posted at random

Is WebP better than JPEG?

Many case studies have been done by leaders in the industry and the data would suggest that WebP file sizes are 24-34% smaller than Jpegs and are being used more frequently. There was a WebP comparison study that can be seen here that indicates this.

Which websites can be used for Image SEO?

Twitter is an excellent source to place an image on, to leverage the power of the platform, but there are many others too, ideally, one that allows editing the title, alt text and allows optimizing all available data points.

Some other sites to consider leveraging for the sheer power of the platforms would be:

  • Flicker
  • Pintrest
  • Imgur.com
  • Snapfish.com
  • Filedropper.com

And there are many more, but these are some of the highest-powered platforms other than the usual social media platforms that are recommended to become an Image SEO King.

Pinterest is one of the most commonly used platforms for Image SEO, it's certainly the one many have used for the purpose of image ranking competitions, however, does it get indexed that quickly. When time is critical and only 24 hours to play the game, it may be a deterrent.

About Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is one of the top SEO experts, podcasters, and bloggers. He is an 18-year industry veteran, having worked with some of the industry's top names and brands. Craig Campbell also continues to train and help SEO experts via is blog, courses, YouTube channel, and seminars, which have become a source of highly actionable and useful tips.


Craig Campbell - Image SEO King


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