November 15

Jonathan Weiss Tours Expands Ghost Tours of New Orleans

It is a private adventure through New Orleans’s historic French Quarters, exploring the haunted buildings and alleys.

Jonathan Weiss Tours is pleased to share that it has expanded its Ghost Tours of New Orleans. These tours take visitors through the best haunted buildings in the historic French Quarters. New Orleans is infamous for its fascinating stories, ghostly legends, tales of vampires, and other paranormal accounts. The stories people have heard about the restless souls that haunt the alleys aren’t just stories. They are part of the city’s history and the lives of its people. So for those who wish to peek into the past of this incredible city, book one of the Jonathan Weiss New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tours.

Jonathan Weiss Tours offers the most in-depth, informative, and interesting tours of New Orleans.
Jonathan Weiss Tours

The Ghost Tour begins with a trip to Pirate’s Alley near St. Louis Cathedral. The guides will take the tourists to some of the most haunted landmarks in the French Quarter. There is so much to discover here, starting with the privateer’s ghost at Madame John’s Legacy, the nefarious activities at the Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, the bloodshed at The Ice House Bar, and many more. There is no doubt people will feel the presence of restless spirits at the end of the tour.

Jonathan Weiss New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tours strive to entertain and educate the visitors while leaving them wanting more. The tours will give them a peek at the city’s notorious past while navigating through the streets and standing in the exact spots where all the action happened. All the guides who lead the Ghost Tours of New Orleans are passionate about what they do and are doubly passionate about their city. Their immense knowledge of the history of the city is what makes the tours remarkable and engaging.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The Jonathan Weiss New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tours are not just about walking the streets and visiting the haunted places. It is also about creating an experience for the visitors. They can carry a camera and take pictures wherever they want. New Orleans is not just a Crescent City but an Open Container City, which means guests can bring their own drinks and enjoy them while visiting the places. There are so many other tours, such as the Vampire Tour, which explores the legends of vampires; the authentic Voodoo Tour, which will take people through the heart of voodoo traditions and is led by a genuine Voodoo priest; the Cemetery Tour; and many more. Each tour is premium and limited to just 20 people at a time to ensure the Ghost Tours of New Orleans offer an authentic experience for guests.

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Jonathan Weiss Tours offers the most in-depth, informative, and interesting tours of New Orleans. From the city’s notorious darkness to paranormal stories, spine-chilling narratives, and its mystical past, tourists can get a glimpse of the real New Orleans with the help of these tours. Customers can choose from the Dark History Tour, French Quarter Ghost Tour, Voodoo Tour, New Orleans Vampire Tour, and many more.



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