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Leading Real Estate Investing and Home Buying Company in the Florida Housing Market is Expanding to Fort Lauderdale, FL

ASAP Cash Offer has been leading the real estate investing and home buying company in Florida for years serving homeowners in need with compassion and empathy and is adding a new virtual office.

June 7, 2021 -- Since 2011, ASAP Cash Offer has been a leading real estate investing and home buying company in the Florida housing market. They are expanding their business to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have served homeowners in need with compassion and empathy for the past years and now they are ready to help more people by adding a new virtual office. The company's main focus of work is on real estate negotiations as well as hosting volunteers who will clean up local communities. The company specializes in solving complex real estate problems and issues that make it difficult for homeowners to sell their properties through traditional means like listing houses on the market with an agent.

There have been many 5-star reviews for their business, with customers giving positive feedback. Recently, they've announced that they are opening a new branch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to help more people sell their homes and clean up the local community.

ASAP Cash Offer Buys Houses all over Florida, whether central, south, north, or west.

ASAP Cash Offer, a Cape Coral-based real estate company, is looking to open a new office in Fort Lauderdale and expand its services in order to better help Florida homeowners. They promise that the experience will offer potential customers hassle-free assistance with their house sales while adhering to their values of honesty and integrity in all interactions.

The company works personally with each Florida homeowner in order to create a win-win situation. The competent team at ASAP Cash Offer utilizes real estate knowledge and skills to help homeowners sell their homes with confidence and ease. With a decade of experience in the industry, it makes the process enjoyable and smooth for home sellers.

Selling a house in Florida can be stressful and take a lot of time. Thankfully, Cape Coral-based company ASAP Cash Offer has come up with a simple solution for these problems. They offer alternatives to the traditional selling process, like no repair costs, commissions, or stress. Most homeowners would love to “sell my house fast Fort Lauderdale” without any agent fees!

For homeowners who have had to deal with late mortgage payments and an unresponsive tenant for months, ASAP Cash Offer might be able to help. ASAP Cash Offer is opening a new virtual office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to buy houses for cash. Expanding the business to help more homeowners around FL with loans from banks that have not helped or even have been held hostage by tenants during COVID-19 eviction laws. And many of the homeowners in Florida, especially in this age of a pandemic, are starting to experience problems just like this with their rental properties.

That is why ASAP Cash Offer is making it easier than ever to sell a house and is offering its services completely online so that homeowners who are concerned about the virus can sell from the comfort of their living room. With the power of technology these days, they are utilizing things like virtual inspections and walkthroughs so that their customers can sell their homes virtually and don't need to make any unnecessary interactions with buyers in order to sell.

Not only do the real estate experts at ASAP Cash Offer understand how to approach complex property problems, but what they are most known for is the compassion and empathy with which they approach their work. They understand that just because homeowners are looking for a quick solution, doesn't mean they are willing to deprive themselves of a fair price and the respect that they deserve. Most of their past customers rave about the excellent service and fairness that they were treated with when they sold their home to ASAP Cash Offer.

For example, Alex Cortez of Fort Myers, Florida had this to say of working with the owner, "I am very pleased with how Devon and his team were able to help me sell my house! Both for what I was wanting and in the amount of time we had agreed on. There were issues on my end with squatters holding up the sale and they were able to come up with a fast and effective solution that otherwise would have been a lengthy process and a legal battle (because of COVID-19 court delays.) They were always on point with the paperwork ready to sign and to answer any questions I had. Thank you both so much for making a stressful moment (house fire) into a smooth process, transition and transaction! I highly recommend them all and ASAP Cash Offer for anyone's real estate needs!"

Alex, like many other customers they serve, was looking to sell his home house as-is. That is because he simply could not afford to pay for the repairs and renovations that the home needed.

For homeowners in Cape Coral whose house also starts to feel like a burden rather than a cherished and beloved family home, ASAP Cash Offer can offer guidance and help.

It does not matter what kind of property it is either; a house, duplex, or condo. ASAP Cash Offer can make a no-obligation and fair cash offer to buy the house “AS IS" without the seller having to make any repairs. And unlike other Florida cash home buyers, the company’s offer does not change before the closing date or come with any hidden costs and fees. Fort Lauderdale sellers that are looking for a fast, firm, and fair cash offer can definitely count on ASAP Cash Offer to stick to their original promised price to purchase.

“Whatever the property, our company makes everything simple and quick with a fair and firm cash offer based on the closing date that you decide and the condition of your home. There is no need to worry about paying hefty commissions to a realtor. Also, you will not have to bear the costs of any extra loan payments while you wait in order to find a homebuyer. With the certainty of a fair cash offer from ASAP Cash Offer, you can relax and stop feeling resentful of a residential property that you have to sell,” said Devon Wayne, founder of ASAP Cash Offer.

Areas of Expertise

The primary areas in which the company provides affordable solutions to homeowners are:

  • Foreclosure avoidance

  • Probate

  • Bankruptcy

  • Divorce

  • Death in the family

  • Distressed properties that need repairs

  • Financial hardships

  • Bad rental tenants

  • Vacant houses

About ASAP Cash Offer

ASAP Cash Offer was founded in 2011 to help transform the local community and restore beauty. However, the company has since evolved into a family affair, and that is fitting as the founder Devon Wayne, developed his love and passion for helping people as well as real estate from his family. The company’s mission is to work closely with all parties, to handle each situation with the utmost care and professionalism, and seamlessly close every real estate transaction while doing what is best for its customers.



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