October 29

Los Angeles Based Musician Tanner Howe Entertains His Fans with Halloween-Themed Drive-Up Concerts

The shows consisted of songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and is seen sporting the iconic Thriller Leather Jacket

LOS ANGELES, CA - 29th October 2020 – Tanner Howe, a popular music artist has successfully completed yet another Drive-up concert as part of a Halloween celebration. Like all musicians and independent artists,  Tanner Howe was severely impacted by the ongoing pandemic. However, Covid-19 did not stop Tanner’s love for music and his passion to entertain. Tanner went on to do things creatively and instead of waiting for things to get better, he took music to the people; he took his show on the road and performed a number of drive-up shows accompanied by his Dad. The duo performs in the back of their pickup truck and has traveled all across Orange County, CA and Long Beach, CA performing and entertaining their friends, neighbors, music lovers, and others who have requested private shows. These shows have been featured on major news outlets across the nation. The traveling show has been featured on the popular “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. 

Tanner Howe Drive-up Concerts
Tanner Howe Drive-up Concerts

While Tanner was busy performing on his roadshows, he felt that every family deserved to celebrate during this Halloween season. This year a lot of things have changed and kids and families will not be able to celebrate Halloween the same as in past years. Tanner and his father traveled to 6 different neighborhoods in Orange County, CA taking the Halloween-themed drive up concert to the homes of people. The show consisted of songs like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson with Tanner wearing the iconic Thriller leather jacket. See video of the performances on YouTube and the official Tanner Howe website

The coming season is all about spending quality time with families, making memories, and spreading joy. Tanner and his Dad intend to continue this journey with their drive-by-concerts during the quarantine. The videos are incredibly touching while some people are seen thoroughly enjoying the music, others are seen getting emotional. Tanner makes sure that he maintains safe social distancing, wears masks, and follows protocols. The journey started as a visit to his grandparents’ house in Long Beach. But then along the way, they decided to stop and play for their neighbors hoping that this gesture would bring smiles to many faces during these gloomy days. Needless to say that this gesture has been greatly successful and it has gained immense popularity throughout the county. 

Tanner Howe Halloween Concerts
Tanner Howe Halloween Concerts

To learn more visit https://tannerhowemusic.com/ 

About Tanner Howe  

Tanner Howe is a Los Angeles based music artist, singer, songwriter, and performer. Tanner has become extremely popular on YouTube with over a million views on his channel. With an impeccable pop sensibility, Tanner can win over any crowd. Having played at various venues including The House of Blues, The Mint, Molly Malone’s, Universal City Walk, Tanner is one of the internet music sensations of recent times. Fans will be pleased to know that Tanner is currently residing at Disneyland performing inside the park and the Downtown Disney area. 



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