May 22

Medical Non-Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Curtain Systems Released by Lorton Group

Lorton Group recently announced the launch of its Non-Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Curtain Systems product line. The curtain system provides privacy solutions for areas around the door and beds.

Lorton Group, the respected manufacturer and distributor of healthcare textiles, has introduced a new line of products featuring non-ceiling mounted cubicle curtain systems. The new line includes installation options for two configurations for use in different parts of the medical or hospital room depending upon the architecture of the room and beds that need to be secured by the curtains. The two configurations are the Door Surround and the Bed Surround.

Lorton Group produces high-quality privacy curtains for the medical industry.
Lorton Group

The Door Surround configuration provides the same level of seclusion and partitioning design as the traditional ceiling-mounted tracks. However, the added benefit and function of non-ceiling mounted cubicle curtains is the ability to install the tracks without obstructing the ceiling lights, sprinkler systems, or air conditioning vents.

The Bed Surround configuration can be arranged and rearranged in a U or L layout around a bed or multiple beds without any major changes to the room’s structure. This is because the tracks are not hanging from the ceiling, they can be easily repositioned for significantly improved privacy for multiple beds at the same time.

The Non-Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Curtain Systems can be used with the innovative curtain designs manufactured by the Lorton Group. Customers can choose from a wide variety of curtain fabrics to complement the settings.

Lorton Group's Non-ceiling mounted cubicle curtain

The following is how a Lorton Group spokeswoman described the concept behind its curtain designs: "Traditional hospital cubicle curtain standards are being challenged by the Lorton Group. The distinctive design of our products, combined with the intelligent use of components, provides a solution to all cubicle curtain system requirements, be it for ceiling-mounted or non-ceiling-mounted variations."

A customer recently reviewed the Lortons Group’s non-ceiling-mounted cubicle curtain systems and the curtain fabric; upon purchasing the curtains for personal use in a privately owned medical facility. The customer expressed his satisfaction with the purchase by comparing Lorton’s product with other similar products available.

"I was skeptical about the quality of these medical curtains and their tracks because they were less expensive than others on the market. When I unpacked them, I was genuinely delighted to find that their quality was comparable with a set of more expensive curtains I had previously purchased. The cloth is medium weight, allowing air and light to pass through while concealing any view of items behind them. The hooks at the top of the curtain are free of loose threads and line up properly, indicating that the stitching was done correctly. Moreover, the tracks were sturdy and easy to install. I'll have to see how this stuff holds up over time and how well it washes. Regardless, these are just what I needed."

To learn more about the product line of Lorton Group's Non-ceiling mounted cubicle curtain, go to Readers can also find out more about the fabric and material choices available for the cubicle curtains.

About Lorton Group

Lorton Group produces high-quality privacy curtains for the medical industry. The brand’s patented shower curtain is designed for faster change-outs; they last long and are comparatively easier to maintain. The new and improved design prevents the curtain from getting stuck on the track and is virtually noiseless. The designs are portable, so just about any space can be turned into a private cubicle for treatment or consultation.



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