November 03, 2022

Auckland Museum Remembers Michael James Mcgrath For His Heroic Participation In WWII

The Auckland Museum provides Michael James McGrath was a war veteran in World War II. He fought honourably in the 30th (Mixed) Battalion B Force. It's the 8th Brigade of the New Zealand 3rd Division

Michael James McGrath was a war veteran in World War II – the last major world conflict to have occurred. He and his many servicemen fought on the side of Australian and New Zealand forces. His enlistment was early on in the global conflict and his Battalion was eventually assigned to the war in the Pacific. It is here. Michael James McGrath, a war hero, was killed in action.

Wars & Conflicts

He fought honourably in World War II in the 30th (Mixed) Battalion B Force. This is the 8th Brigade of the New Zealand 3rd Division. This was an ‘Expeditionary Force’ of the Third Echelon. It is believed that Michael James McGrath enlisted for service in 1940 when the war in Europe was in its early stages.

Michael James Mcgrath – Remembered For His Heroic Participation In WWII

Michael James McGrath - 30th Battalion

The 30th Battalion was an infantry battalion of the New Zealand 3rd Division, raised for Second World War service. The unit was known for its bravery and sacrifice and served with distinction in the conflict. Today, the Battalion is one of the most well-known New Zealand military units.

It was originally formed in September 1940 and drew personnel from New Zealand areas. In particular these were the districts of Otago and Canterbury. Michael James McGrath joined the battalion as one of the first person.

McGrath and his battalion were at first allocated to the 8th Brigade before joining up with the 14th Brigade at a later date. This is where Michael James McGrath served and experienced action in the Pacific. There they took on garrison duties in Fiji to guard the island against possible Japanese attacks. When the war ended, they were handed over to the US Army.

The NZEF was closely linked to the AIF for much of the war. The New Zealand contingent was too small to form a separate division, so the New Zealand and Australian Divisions were combined to form the famous Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Both divisions were commanded by General Godley.

The USS Arizona, which was the target ship of TF 38, was able to land its troops unopposed on the Green Islands, a pair of islands north of Buka. The SS Arizona landed 112 members of the New Zealand Commando Force in Vella Lavella and prepared to land on the island. Then, it headed north to the Green Islands, where the enemy garrison did not resist. By the time the task group reached the island, they had cleared the island of the enemy.

Other Operations Australian & New Zealand Forces Took Part In

The commonwealth armies such as Australia and New Zealand also took part in the European battle staged from the land of the United Kingdom. After more than four years of holding off German air attacks, thanks to radar technology and a steady production line of spitfires and bombers kept the Nazi forces at bay. The war changed course when Japan attacked the Pearl Harbour US naval base. The attack finally persuaded the US and its citizens to see sense and get a grip on reality after hesitating to fully commit to the war in Europe. Better late than never the old saying goes.

Soon allied forces from Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and many other parts of the world would join the British and Europeans fighting to safeguard the small islands of Britain and Ireland. Many of those Europeans already fighting alongside the British had escaped from countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Holland, and France took part. The key mission at the time was D-Day before several more operations to sweep across Europe.


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