February 11

SAAS-Based Affiliate Management Platform, Purply Helps Businesses to Find and Track Affiliates to Leverage Campaigns

Purply is a new SaaS-based platform for businesses to connect with top-performing affiliates and optimize their affiliate programs for greater ROI.

Los Angeles, CA -- Purply, a recently launched innovative SaaS-based platform that is revolutionizing affiliate management, makes it easy to find, connect, and track affiliates to help businesses optimize their campaigns for greater ROI.

Purply was launched to help companies implement affiliate programs by making management easier. It allows customers to effortlessly find, rank, and track affiliate partners. With just a single integration, the platform also mitigates the need to build a separate affiliate tracking system. This way, a business can reduce its IT and admin resources spent on affiliate program management and increase ROI from it.

"Our goal is really to help merchants and agencies find affiliates more efficiently, especially those affiliates who have more experience, who are really qualified, and who have done well in the past,” said Rowland Hazard, Director of Technology.

Successful affiliate programs are not easy to design and market, especially when a company has limited time and resources to do so. Fortunately, the struggle is alleviated with Purply, which lets businesses and marketers read the pulse of their campaigns in a matter of a few seconds, helping them determine what is required to make a successful affiliate program. This way, a business can optimize its efforts in promoting its program, ensuring that it is implemented to drive a customer's lifetime value.

By enriching the existing capabilities of an affiliate program, the platform further accommodates a business's needs in tracking and promoting affiliate activities. Out of the box, the platform can track earnings, affiliate clicks, and conversions, among other activities. Businesses will also be able to clearly see their affiliate's current and historical performance reports in an intuitive dashboard. Reports may be filtered by various factors, including an affiliate's geographical location and geo-specific search, in order to better determine an affiliate's ROI. The granularity of the platform allows businesses to identify channel performance issues and develop strategies to improve performance.

Purply's track record of success is a result of iterative research and development efforts from the Advertising Purple team. With the platform, they aim to bring affiliate analysts and focused industry affiliate partners together to optimize every possible dollar that's used in marketing campaigns.

"We have a lot of features that are common in enterprise-level software, but we've integrated them into a SaaS-based app. Additionally, we have an advanced feature that helps businesses manage their affiliates more easily, making affiliate management easier for both the company and the affiliates," said Trystan Martin.

The idea for the platform emerged after Advertising Purple's analysis of over 1.2 million affiliates, among which only 8% were truly successful. 92% of them just remained flat and often displayed inconsistent performance. This idea also stemmed from the realization that many of their clients would go on to have entirely separate affiliate tracking systems, which are more expensive and requires more resources. Thus, Purply was born as a way to meet the needs of such businesses.

When asked how they intend to spread awareness about Purply, Martin commented, "Our goal really is to integrate as many top-performing affiliates and agencies as possible so that they can leverage our product to improve their existing affiliate program. We want to become the underlying system for affiliate managers and affiliates, where they can easily optimize their affiliate programs to achieve greater success".

About Purply:

Purply is an innovative SaaS-based platform that makes it easy to find, interact, and track affiliates and all affiliate marketing activities at the campaign level. The platform is designed to drastically reduce the time and effort necessary to manage affiliate programs by helping companies streamline and optimize them. Purply is ideal for businesses that are launching or currently manage an affiliate program and want to quickly see and make decisions based on their affiliate campaign's performance.

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