January 31

Sabine Hill Expands Inventory in the Patterned Cement Tile Category

It is available in multiple color options with easy customization of patterns and shades.

Sabine Hill, a manufacturer of natural stone and cement tiles, is pleased to share that it has expanded its inventory in the patterned cement tile category. Each patterned cement tile comes in multiple color options. Its website features a cement tile rendering tool that allows users to customize any pattern with a color of their choice. The tiles are offered in standard sizing in 99 colors and different shapes.

Sabine Hill was started by Lyndsey and Jeff Glasener, a wife and husband duo with more than 50 years of combined experience in the tile/stone industry.
Sabine Hill

Patterned tiles can completely change the look of indoor spaces, adding a unique bohemian style to any decor. They are a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners looking for quirky options to spruce up their walls, flooring, and kitchen countertops. Sabine Hill is proud to offer a broad collection of patterned cement tiles, with designs ranging from vintage and retro to industrial, classic, and traditional themes. Those who want to keep it classy can opt for cement tiles with corner borders. They can be used for creating decorative panels in multiple ways.

Its cement tile design tool makes it easier to choose a design. Users can just select a pattern, choose a color, and click on the section where they want to use the tiles. The tool shows a preview design in a 16-tile layout. Users can also rotate the tiles to see how they look in different arrangements or installations. When the final design is finalized, the user can download and print the record sheet for further reference. Now they can just place an order with Sabine Hill, and the tiles will be delivered in their desired patterns.

Sabine Hill has more than 190 designs in cement tiles, 99 shades, and 5 different shapes to choose from. Each of these patterns is given a name for easy identification. The patterned cement tiles can be entirely customized with as many or as few colors as the designers want. The website is pretty easy to browse. One can use custom filters while choosing a design. The patterned tiles are categorized into Borders + Corners, Brasserie Collection, Cuban Heritage, Customizable Tiles, Geometrics, and Guillermo + Tania.

Aside from patterned tiles, its showroom showcases the best of natural stone tiles, mosaics, moldings, sinks and vessels, fireplaces, and bath accessories. There are other exquisite tiles made up of terracotta, water-jet, porcelain, and European wood. The shop also features hand-carved stone sinks and fireplaces, vanities, and wallpaper. All the materials are sourced from the finest quarries and factories from across the world. Sabine Hill showroom offers a glimpse into the exotic world of tiles and impeccable craftsmanship. Those who are struggling with ideas and are looking for some inspiration can simply walk into the showroom located at 866 Rose Drive in Hartland. The owners, Lyndsey and Jeff, will be pleased to help their customers choose the best natural stone tiles or cement tiles for their upcoming projects.

To learn more, visit https://www.sabinehill.com/.

About Sabine Hill

Sabine Hill was started by Lyndsey and Jeff Glasener, a wife and husband duo with more than 50 years of combined experience in the tile/stone industry. They are now recognized as the encaustic cement tile manufacturers celebrating their 10th anniversary with several merged operations and product offerings. The company now offers more than 50 designs and over 400 patterns, along with a 3D line of tiles and French pavers. Their warehouse is located in Miami, FL, and the showroom is in Hartland, WI.


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