November 09

Senan Orthodontic Studios Expands Services, Now Offering Adult Braces in McAllen TX

Specializing in Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options Including Traditional Metal Braces, Clear/Ceramic Braces, and Clear Aligners

Senan Orthodontic Studios is pleased to announce that they have expanded their services and are now offering adult braces in McAllen TX. There are people who are embarrassed, conscious, and uncomfortable with their crooked, damaged, and overcrowded teeth. It is time to say goodbye to all of this with the help of the best orthodontist in McAllen TX. This boutique clinic is here to assist its patients in adorning the smile that they have always wanted with the help of customized adult braces in McAllen TX.

Adult Braces
Senan Orthodontic Studios - McAllen TX

The orthodontic appliances work in a similar fashion as those used for adolescents. Thanks to the many innovations in the recent past in this particular area, even adult patients can now benefit from various orthodontic treatment options. This clinic has the best McAllen TX orthodontist working alongside the patients. Traditional metal braces, clear/ ceramic braces, and clear aligners are the various treatment options available here.

  • The traditional metal braces are nothing but metal brackets and wires which shift the teeth to the desired location slowly and over a period of time. These need to be worn 24/7 for the entire treatment duration. They are the best solutions for misaligned jaws and extensive orthodontic problems.

  • The clear/ ceramic braces are glued to the teeth and held together using a metal wire. Patients are required to visit the clinic every 4 to 6 weeks wherein the McAllen TX orthodontist would adjust the wire. The benefit of this treatment option is that the brackets are clear, unlike the traditional metal braces.

  • The clear aligners as the name suggests are invisible. Made up of BPA-free plastic, these aligners can be removed from the mouth for eating or cleaning. These are very convenient but must be worn throughout to get maximum results. Patients will receive new aligners every fortnight to shift the teeth until the desired results are achieved or until the treatment is complete.

Benefits of Adult Braces in McAllen, TX – Braces are not new to the world of orthodontics. They are known to improve the appearance of teeth. Now adults too can benefit from these braces, feel confident, and improve their quality of life. These braces make speaking and chewing easier, improve oral hygiene, prevent bone erosion, provide relief from discomfort or pain, and fix overcrowding.

The length of the treatment depends on the condition of the teeth and the severity of the bite. While the average period is 2 years, some patients might have to wear these braces for a longer time based on their personal condition. Since the teeth would have stopped growing or developing, adults are required to wear braces for a longer period than adolescents. Schedule an appointment today with the best orthodontist in McAllen TX.

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About Senan Orthodontic Studios

Senan Orthodontic Studios offers services like metal braces, clear aligners, adult braces, ceramic braces, adolescent orthodontics, TMD/TMJ, retainers, sleep apnea, and surgical orthodontics. The clinic has recently launched a new service and is now offering adult braces in McAllen TX. The clinic is led by Dr. Senan K. Ziadeh, a board-certified orthodontist with over 20 years of professional experience.



Senan Orthodontic Studios

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Senan Orthodontic Studios


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