November 16, 2022

Single Head Capper Producer TORQ Packaging USA Updates Information On New Product

Helps clients in varied industry sectors make the best decisions for their needs

TORQ Packaging USA, the leading name in the business, has offered valuable information on Single Head Cappers to help clients from diverse industry sectors make the best decisions for their specific needs.

Since its inception, the company has raised the bar for complete lines and packaging equipment which has earned it the reputation of being the leader in bottle filling and capping solutions. In fact, it offers the widest range of bottling and capping systems in the industry. Its products and solutions have made their mark with a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, wine and spirits, personal care products, and more.

At the heart of the impeccable solutions offered by TORQ Packaging USA is its commitment to quality. Superior quality is at the crux of TORQ's philosophy, which is why it is extremely careful about the partners it works with. The company also spends a lot of resources and efforts in research and development to consistently come up with products that are in keeping with the evolving demands of its customers.

Adaptability is another vital feature of products offered by TORQ Packaging USA, and they can be tailor-made to suit every client’s unique requirements. Moreover, they are known to be reliable and assure clients of top-level performance, which is precisely what they expect. Its strong service team ensures immediate feedback, express delivery of parts, and dedicated global assistance.

In fact, the company has a robust network of highly qualified technicians who can provide quick global services. Its preventive and programmed maintenance contracts are another highlight, which allows worn parts to be changed at appropriate intervals. Clients can expect the same level of quality and service from its popular product – Single Head Capper. And now TORQ has offered them more information about it to make the right decisions. To begin with, it talks about what this capper actually is, its function, and things to look for when purchasing one.

Clients will be pleased to note that these cappers by TORQ are custom designed. They take into account all types of closures including press-on, aluminum, pre-threaded, oriented, pump, and trigger caps for speeds up to 40 ppm.

Interested clients will also be pleased to note that it is easy to use with efficient maintenance and is operator friendly as well. It also has a hygienic design for ease of cleaning.

The Single Head Capper boasts maximum operational flexibility as each head is efficiently configured and adjusted for rotation parameters, torque, and container height. Simple changeover with reduced time, each capping head controlled by an independent servomotor, are some of the other dynamic features of the capper.

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