September 11

Stand-up Comedian Victoria Olsina Makes History as First Argentine Comedian to Perform in the Metaverse

In collaboration with Sky High Capital, the virtual performance set new standards for stand-up comedy in the digital realm.

Victoria Olsina, the much-celebrated stand-up comedian and public speaker, becomes the first Argentine comedian to perform in the metaverse in collaboration with Sky High Capital. Her virtual performance left the audience enthralled and set a new standard for stand-up comedy in the digital realm. The metaverse is a digital environment that allows users to interact with each other through virtual reality technology. Olsina has become a path-breaker by performing on this innovative platform and embracing new technologies to expand her fan base.

Victoria Olsina is a stand-up comedian by profession. They say that she is the most interesting thing that happened to Alta Gracia since Che Guevara.
Victoria Olsina

Sky High Capital felt Olsina would be the perfect choice to advance the vision. She performed on the Decentraland, a popular location in the metaverse. It didn’t take much effort for her to entertain the audience. Her quirky style and hilarious anecdotes were much applauded. The recorded performance was tailored for Sky High Capital and one of their endeavors. Olsina incorporated jokes related to the metaverse and its community.

When asked about her experience, Olsina said, “I'm humbled to have been given this opportunity to pioneer comedy in the metaverse. The amount of support and laughter from the virtual attendees was truly incredible.”

“It’s exciting to think about the endless possibilities of combining comedy with cutting-edge technology to interact with new audiences,” added Olsina.

To watch the virtual show, attendees must purchase wearable merchandise such as T-shirts and glasses. These would provide them entry into the virtual venue. Olsina has her personal favorite, the iconic Argentina National soccer T-shirt with Maradona’s number 10.

The stand-up comedian and public speaker’s performance has also led to the creation of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The limited-edition tokens allow fans and attendees to own a piece of the historic event on the blockchain platform and support her endeavors.

“The response from the audience was overwhelming, and we are proud to have facilitated this pioneering comedy experience in the metaverse,” said a representative of Sky High Capital. “Victoria Olsina has pushed the boundaries of the digital entertainment landscape, and we look forward to future collaborations with her.”

Victoria Olsina won the LGTBQ+ New Comedian of the Year 2022. She was also featured in The Guardian and other publications. Olsina continues to create her own space in the industry, and this successful venture into the metaverse makes her an innovator and a trendsetter in the entertainment world. Olsina is a producer of Clandestina Queer Comedy, a monthly comedy night featuring women, trans, and gender non-conforming performers.

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About Victoria Olsina

Victoria Olsina is a stand-up comedian by profession. They say that she is the most interesting thing that happened to Alta Gracia since Che Guevara. She was born on September 21, 1986, in a hospital right in front of an ice cream shop in Alta Gracia. A bright student, Victoria earned two degrees at university in advertising and multimedia design. In 2013, she moved to New Zealand but lived there only for three years. She later moved to London in 2016 and fulfilled her lifelong dream of living in the same city as the Spice Girls.

Victoria is also an SEO consultant and speaker known for keeping the audience engaged with her amusing oratory skills and perfect timing for comedy. It was during one of these conferences that an organizer suggested that she should try stand-up comedy. In 2019, Victoria took Logan Murray’s course and performed more than 200 gigs. With an observational and storytelling style of comedy, Victoria keeps her audience enthralled with her Argentinian Lesbian twist.


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