May 18, 2023

The Close-Up Corner to Provide an Engaging and Exciting Focal Point for Weddings

Create Unforgettable Memories with The Close-Up Corner's Interactive Magical Attraction!

Looking for an exciting way to entertain guests? Look no further than The Close-Up Corner! This brand new, interactive magical attraction provides a unique atmosphere for parties and events, creating unforgettable memories for all who attend.

Close-Up Chris
Close-Up Chris

The world’s first of its kind, the Close-Up Corner uses a Reaction Cam to capture the guests' priceless expressions and creates sensational photo opportunities. The noted magician, Close-Up Chris, is the perfect socializer, getting wedding guests involved with card tricks, pickpocketing and Jedi-type mind tricks. The Close-Up Corner is infact, the ideal treatment for any event - wedding, private party or corporate events - ensuring nobody is left twiddling their thumbs.

By offering a place where guests can actively participate, the Close-Up Corner ensures that everyone has a great time and creates lively memories. Plus, the Close-Up Corner provides the perfect backdrop for guests' selfies and social media snaps. So no more lollygagging or wondering what to do at a party—the Close-Up Corner will amplify any event in no time!

The Close-Up Corner is the brainchild of UK magician Close-Up Chris – the UK's number 1 ranked magician (officially) and the world's tallest (unofficially)! As Chris explains, “The Close Up Corner offers an incredible entertainment experience that will leave a lasting impression on guests. We are passionate about providing an amazing atmosphere at every event we're part of."

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