December 28, 2020

TherapyTravelers Announces Yoga Themed Self-Care Webinar Series

Program Encourages Participants to Stay Calm and Healthy through Holidays, Sessions on Mediations, Breath & Flow and Yoga

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA - 28th December 2020 – TherapyTravelers, recently awarded as America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms for 2020 by Forbes, is pleased to announce a Yoga Themed Self-Care Webinar Series. The program is designed to encourage participants to stay calm and healthy throughout the holidays. The sessions will focus on breath and flow meditation and yoga. All are welcome to register for the series. Each part of the series will be conducted for approximately one hour and is accessible to everyone through It is a constant endeavor by TherapyTravelers to attract, empower, and retain the finest recruiters, educators, and clinicians from the industry; and to help every individual realize their full potential.

This webinar series is an empowering move to encourage mental and emotional health for others during this year of uncertainty. By providing such public resources, aims at accomplishing its mission to empower clinicians and educators. And making it available for the general public, goes to show that this team is doing its part to pay it forward.

All the webinars are provided by qualified behavioral and mental health professionals who implement cutting-edge techniques, tools, and best practices. The team here is constantly adding more such series to help users make the most of these sessions. The yoga series is conducted by Alexandra, the in-house art therapist/ yoga instructor. The instructor will guide participants through self-healing and life-giving yoga. The meditation series also conducted by Alexandra will help participants refresh their body and mind. Breath and Flow sessions consist of breathing exercises that are built to calm and soothe the nerves.

There will be a special session on how to help manage stress and anxiety during uncertainty. Tammy Shelton, the presenter will provide tools to get people out of their anxious state of mind to a calmer setting. Vinyasa flow yoga is yet another series with instructor Jen Le offering a free virtual restorative yoga class. TherapyTravelers is indeed one of the best places to associate with. The idea behind starting the Yoga Themed Self-Care Webinar Series is to continue to empower their own therapists and educators, and to support the industry through the trials of 2020. Therapy Travelers is providing free, ongoing resources and training to one and all.

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About TherapyTravelers was started in 2012 by three like-minded women who were on a quest to help humans manifest their full potential. They started the mission by recruiting the finest educators and clinicians in the industry. Today, the family consists of social workers, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, school nurses, special education teachers, BCBAs, and behavior interventionists. This family works together to ensure that every student and individual who walks-in here feels valued and utilizes their gift for their own benefit and to that of society.

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