February 15

TotallyUnprepared.com Launches new website to Inform and Prepare Readers for All Emergencies

To help advance emergency preparedness, TotallyUnprepared.com provides articles and information on survival in the wild, disaster prevention and mitigation, and survival gear reviews.

 Thousands of people are injured every year, and even more, are found in hazardous situations in the wilderness because of the lack of preparation or chaos during an emergency. Any emergency situation, such as a natural disaster or severe weather, can induce panic and pandemonium that make the situation more dangerous. For the increasing number of people seeking to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property from disasters, emergency preparedness is of utmost importance. To provide individuals with critical disaster preparedness info, TotallyUnprepared.com has launched a new website to keep people informed and help them build a strong foundation of emergency preparedness.

"By providing our readers emergency preparedness advice, we hope to change the way they see disasters," says the editor of TotallyUnprepared.com. "If an emergency happens, they can't just call the fire department and wait for help to arrive. They have to be ready to protect themselves and their valuables. Our site provides much-needed information concerning different hazards and what to do if it happens to you."

TotallyUnprepared.com Tactical Watches
TotallyUnprepared.com Tactical Watches

Floyd Clark, author, and emergency preparedness guru, add: "Our goal is to educate our readers on what they can do to mitigate disaster scenarios in their area. Through this new website, we hope to raise awareness and equip our readers to prepare themselves and their family in the event of any unfortunate emergency scenario, natural or otherwise, before it happens."

To help advance emergency preparedness among the general public, TotallyUnprepared.com provides articles and information on survival in the wild, disaster prevention and mitigation, and survival gear reviews. Readers are encouraged to learn about the many available tools, gadgets, and techniques to build their very own survival kit, along with detailed guides on what to do in the event of a disaster scenario.

"At TotallyUnprepared.com, we prioritize your safety and security and are dedicated to helping you prepare for any scenario regardless of how remote or unlikely the threat," says, editor of TotallyUnprepared.com. He further added, "understanding the evolving threat landscape of the present world, we want to arm all our readers with actionable knowledge on different do-it-yourself projects and techniques that can help them protect themselves and their loved ones from a potential worst-case scenario."

Totallyunprepared.com Survival and Emergency Preparedness
Totallyunprepared.com Survival and Emergency Preparedness

TotallyUnprepared.com also featured unbiased reviews of the best equipment for survival to assist people in preparing for any potential emergencies. The key to emergency preparedness is having a well thought out plan and knowing what to do in various scenarios, and this is a principle embedded within every article on the site. From survival kits to backpacks and emergency radios, TotallyUnprepared.com boasts a comprehensive emergency preparedness resource that can help readers prepare themselves for anything.

"With the launch of our new website - TotallyUnprepared.com is set to help readers in emergency preparation by offering broad features that encompass an area of preparedness that are relevant and develop survival skills and techniques. We're proud of our new website and looking forward to educating and empowering our readers in the process of learning how to prepare themselves for whatever is coming their way," notes editor of TotallyUnprepared.com.

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TotallyUnprepared.com is an online emergency preparedness resource, helping its readers prepare for life's most unforeseen disasters. The site features survival guides, honest reviews, and product recommendations to help users prepare for anything. For further information and resources visit: https://totallyunprepared.com


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